I met Ruby Love one weekend while I was strolling the El Museo Cultural Winter Market at the Railyard. Her jewelry caught my eye (she's wearing a pair in the portrait above) and then I looked up and saw her large, acrylic, mixed-media paintings hanging on the wall of her booth. They drew me in and Ruby and I began a conversation that ended with her asking me if I would be interested in taking  her portrait. A week or so later we headed  back to the  Railyard to some of my favorite spots;  the capture above was Ruby's favorite - mine too.

Another weekend at the Market, Ruby introduced me to her Mother Aura Dez( on (rt) and her Aunt, Raya (on lft), who have been showing their work at the Market for the past nine years. A  family of artists - the perfect Chasing Santa Fe story.

R U B Y   L O V E

 "I feel honored and privileged to have such a rich family story."

multi-faceted, mixed-media artist, originally from California, Ruby now calls Santa Fe home where she paints professionally. Her artistic inspirationshe says: is drawn from nature, motivated by the power of transcendence and truth; beginning a conversation with her paint brush

Ruby has been a vibrant presence at the Market for the past 3-years and loves introducing people to her 'mentors'.

H E R   W O R K


"When I was 10, Santa Claus brought me my Christmas wish for oil paints, 
brushes and canvas; I've been so grateful ever since." 

Raya was born into a creative family living in the university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. When she was 17 she moved to her elder sister Aura's home/studio in San Francisco. Aura was making jewelry at that time and Raya began picking up techniques and her sister's passion for making beautiful, wire-art jewelry. She took to the streets of San Francisco with her designs and recalls that she was..."off and running..."  In 1988 she moved to Santa Fe, establishing a studio and pursuing Santa's wish - Fine Art Painting. Every weekend at El Museo, she exhibits her oil paintings, mixed-media and giclee prints.

"I love the interaction with everyone who stops by my booth; I get great feedback."

One of her best sellers!

A U R A  D E Z

"I continue now on my path which more and more becomes a
 quilt of creative exploration..."

A twenty-year resident of Santa Fe, Aura weaves her impressions of everything around her into her work  - rocks, the earth, sunsets, sunrises, cloud formations, and the spiritual energy she feels from the ancient people that once lived here. Born in Rome, Georgia, the years between then and moving to New Mexico were filled with art schools - University of Michigan School of Art & Architecture, College of the Redwoods -private studies and scores of exhibitions from London & Japan to Mendocino, California to Hawaii.

Her jewelry is wonderful too - hand-wrought copper & brass 'wrap' sticks are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to add a bit of glam to a scarf, shawl (holds the shawl in place beautifullyor tuck to into a swirl of hair.


The Market at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

Weekends only

Saturday - 8am - 4pm
Sunday - 10am - 4pm
Closes - May 31, 2020

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