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One of my favorites

Rodeo de Santa Fe was in full swing this past weekend, but my attention and lens were focused on THE RODEO CLOWN REUNION. And if you've ever seen these brave, painted fellows in their billowing clown outfits do their stuff  after a feisty bull has bucked off its  rider, then you know it's no laughing matter...in fact they are rightfully referred to as BULL FIGHTERS...

A whole slew of these amazing  fellows came to town for the rodeo and I met up with them at ROCKI  GORMAN'S  store at La Fonda on the Plaza. For the past five years Rocki has invited the clowns to stop by her shop and  say hey. What fun. I dropped by and took lots of photos and was invited to join them in their VIP tent
during the rodeo...where I took more photos.

A BIT OF HISTORY:  There were no clowns in the earliest rodeos, but when  Brahma Bulls came on the scene, they figured out that 'someone' needed to distract the bulls once the rider fell off and headed for safety. The rodeo clown was born.


And, a special thanks to Gail Woerner - Author, Historian & Chairman - Rodeo Clown Reunion for inviting me 
into the VIP tent.  

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