Marilyn 'Angel' Wynn - Fine Art Photographer

C H A N N E L I N G   E D W A R D   C U R T I S

Photography by C. Whitney-Ward

Santa Fe is a constant adventure - you never know where or when you'll meet the next amazing talent.  I was waiting in line at the post office a few weeks back, and that's how I met Fine Art Photographer Angel Wynn. We started talking and when she handed me her business card, I knew I was hooked. 

Gorgeous. That sums up the photograph on the front of her card. And when I entered her studio/gallery on Canyon Road, there were more.

Walls filled with some of the thousands of photographs that she has taken of Native American tribes and cultures throughout the world.  And one look at her work tells you that her muse is famed Native American photographer Edward Curtis. "I once wrote a script for an Edward Curtis movie," recalls Angel, who is a talented film maker as well as photographer. "I felt that we had the same passion. When I look at one of his photographs I can study it for a good twenty-minutes, pondering the story behind it. He wasn't Native American, but his heart was."

Wynn moved from Idaho to Santa Fe a year ago, and is in the throes of taking her work in a new direction - adding layers of wax and colored pigment to her photographs, creating a luscious, layered, translucent surface. "This photoencaustic technique," explains Wynn," creates a more contemporary look to my photography and allows me to work exclusively in digital."

A long  table in her studio/gallery gives her a large working surface to transform
her photographs with layers of warm wax and pigment. 

She even extends the encaustic work onto the frames, creating a warm,
textured effect.

Her Buffalo tribute to Andy Warhol is one of her newest encaustic works.

Photographs hang like prayer flags in a side room of her studio, and just about everywhere you look their is a visual delight.

And, of course her two studio pals are silently observing, occasionally purring or wagging a tail.


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Angel is offering encaustic workshops; give her a call to check on dates. And ask her about her beautiful book - Voice of the Spirit.

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