Body of Santa Fe

L O R I N   P A R R I S H    -   P U R S U I N G 
 T H E  L O S T   A R T  O F  F E E L I N G  G O O D 

Former surfer, world traveler and amazing entrepreneur, Lorin Parrish opened BODY - a unique Santa Fe spa in 2004  in order to offer clients a beautiful environment in which to pursue a healthy and happy lifestyle. "Before I opened BODY," recalls Parrish, "I did a walk through with my architect. He asked me how I wanted my clients to feel when they stepped inside. I thought for a moment and told him that 'I wanted them to feel good.' " That has been her personal and professional mantra ever since.


Photography & Text - C. Whitney-Ward
Indeed. It's a delight for the senses when you walk through the door. Soft music, natural light, laughter and visual treats fill the welcoming space. And, before you even get to the serene spa and beautiful exercise rooms, The BODY boutique beckons. It's chic, up-scale and filled with all natural-fibre clothing for men, women and children. There's even a section offering gorgeous bath towels and bedding.

Even the signage is earthy and beautiful.

And of course, there are healthy, natural beauty products.

A cafe & restaurant - the restaurant will be re-designed soon -
 offers healthy and delicious foods that are wheat, dairy and
 sugar free, as well as vegan selections. Check out the freshly-baked cookies!

The organic smoothies are divine and healthy!

My chai cappuccino w/ a shot of espresso was perfect!

And, this is just the 'front' of the house. On your way back to  BODY'S pampering SPA, you pass the charming KID'S ROOM, where parents can drop off their child while they take a class. Although I would be tempted to stay and play!

A happy, diminutive customer!

T H E   S P A

A whole menu of spa services are offered - massage & body work - facials & wraps.  Your stress disappears the moment you step into the SPA - the lighting is soft, the furnishings low and comfortable, and you are greeted and escorted to your therapy room.  I opted for a Natural Facelift facial with Angela, and 90-minutes later emerged glowing and very, very impressed.

T H E   S T U D I O S

BODY also offers Yoga, Exercise Dance and Fitness classes, and lots and lots of special events. The studio and event spaces are beautiful and serene.

And, according to Lorin they will soon be expanding their gym facility and offering a BODY culinary school. Let's see, how many enterprises are offered under one roof? "Eight," notes Lorin, who seems to handle her spa empire easily and well.  So well, in fact,  that she's looking to expand her BODY concept into a larger market - possibly L.A. or NY.  "We see 4-600 clients a day," notes Lorin. "The diversity is amazing, but the common ground is everyone wants to feel a sense of happiness and fun."

Clearly, this CEO is HAPPY driven rather than profit driven!

B O D Y  O F  S A N T A   F E

333 Cordova Road - Santa Fe, NM


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