In the Kitchen - with Brian Rood - Tomme Restaurant

S  I  G  N  A   T   U   R   E      D   I   S   H   E  S

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Brian Rood, Executive Chef at Tomme, a wonderful downtown bistro, invited me into his kitchen to see how he made  - MORCILLA  or  Blood Sausage - a signature dish on the Tomme menu that his grandmother taught him to make. According to Brian, there are lots of variations and recipes for this ancient dish  - which dates from the first century A.D.. - but he likes to keep it simple - pork shoulder, Spanish sweet paprika, bay leaf, salt and pepper, and a bit of ground oats for  a binder.

The seasoned meat is freshly ground in a commercial Cuisinart and then mixed with pork blood - hence the name.

Brian has to special order the casings - not something readily available in Santa Fe - and when the pork mixture is ready, he feeds it through the Cuisinart and the casings balloon  and are twisted and looped into links. Looks easy, but I think it takes a bit of practice and a master hand to pull it off.

The sausages are then poached and chilled.  When an order comes up,  they are   quickly seared with rosemary...

A wedge of bread is cooked in garlic and thyme...

an egg cooked sunny-side up...

Plated with some cannelloni bean puree and a bit of greens, the finished dish  is worthy of the ancient Greek poet Homer,  who penned a few passages in the Odyssey about roasting blood sausage over a roaring fire.

 Thanks Brian and kitchen mates - Lisa Graff and Gabe Archuletta. I'm amazed that something as simple as sausage and eggs can take hours to make from scratch and 3 skillets to pull it off!

 (pronounced TUM)

229 Galisteo St. - Santa Fe, NM
      (505) 825-2253     

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