Leather Designers in Santa Fe

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I try to go to the Santa Fe FLEA market at El Museo each week and I always bring my camera. You never know what treasure you'll find tucked away in one of the enticing booths.  This time, two vendor/artists caught my eye with their beautiful leather bags and clothing.  

Photography & Text by C. Whitney-Ward

Designer ABBIE CAPLIN'S hand-crafted leather bags are stunning. These meticulously- detailed bags are a joint venture between Abbie and artisan/craftsman Miguel Montano who brings her designs to life.

Even the insides are lovely...

A B B I E  C A P L I N
at the FLEA (look in the side room)

A few booths away, this deerskin jacket caught my eye - the creation of PAM DIETRICH, a master artist/designer in deerskin, elk, lamb suede and lamb shearling.
All the seams are hand laced and Pam notes that all of her tools can
 fit in one of her hands...simply beautiful.

beautiful detail work...

P A M   D I E T R I C H

at The FLEA - El Museo


And I ran into leather designer Mohsin Mulk just outside (I'll be doing a studio visit soon) and took a few photographs...

M O H S I N   M U L K


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  1. I love those bags. Nice design