Classical Gas Museum -

G A S  .  A R T  .  H I S T O R Y

Three disparate words offering a unique cultural moment if you take the time
to stop at Johnnie Meier's CLASSICAL GAS  MUSEUM along highway 68
in Embudo, New Mexico. I've passed this colorful roadside wonder a million
 times on my way to and from Taos, but never stopped.

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

 But, the other day I did. And, what a hoot. Johnnie was there, all smiles and quiet pride in his collection of vintage gas pumps, signs, oil cans, and other amazing stuff that graces the front, sides and back of his 1,000 sq. ft. building that houses even more wonderful stuff.

Johnnie clearly sees art where others see old, rusted gas pumps and by-gone cans of oil. He's enamored with their sculptural beauty, graphic design and explosive colors and he invites one and all to stop and enjoy his ever-growing collection. He began collecting more than 20 years ago and will 'introduce' you to his pumps as if they are old friends...

And taking pride of place is a an amazing vintage diner that Johnnie is refurbishing. He thinks it would make a dandy ice cream parlor....I'd love to live in it!

C L A S S I C A L   G A S   M U S E U M

Hway 68  Embudo, New Mexico

And just down the road is  S U G A R S, a tin-sided trailer that has the best take-out BBQ you're likely to find anywhere. Written up in Gourmet Magazine.
A must!

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