A  C H A S I N G   S A M P L E R
I've been Chasing Santa Fe for two years now and still delight in discovering more. I have published 227 posts that have gotten 121,331 hits. WOW! Even I'm  impressed. So in case you've missed a few, I'm going to publish a sampler of my favorite posts each month. Here goes...
Photography by C. Whitney-Ward
The El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa in Taos is just drop dead gorgeous. Every ceiling sprouts a beautiful chandelier. Every wall is punctuated with art. Doors are deeply carved; windows draped in lovely textiles. And that's just the public spaces. I stopped in for lunch, but of course, out came the camera and lunch was delayed  while I captured a bit of opulence in Taos.
Everything at CASA NOVA at the Railyard is a feast for the senses, hand-picked by owner Natalie Fitz-Gerald who has perfect pitch when it comes to aesthetics.

Santa FE designer Pamela Adger creates hauntingly beautiful jewelry.
She finds unique elements from nature and diverse cultures and
re-invents them into cuffs, necklaces and earrings.

When you step into Laura Sheppherd's gorgeous Atelier in downtown Santa Fe, you'll find frothy wedding gowns and luscious evening wear, and you immediately sense that you've entered an elegant wonderland.
WestWink handcrafted furniture. Amazingly beautiful.

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