Reverence for Light and Spirit - Santiago

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

"I like to paint old, worn, lived-in things," says Roseta Santiago, whose show WITNESS just opened at BLUE RAIN GALLERY. The objects are not anonymous; they all belong to someone who made them in the real world. I'm exploring the beauty in the mystery and the mystery in the beauty."

Photo courtesy Blue Rain Gallery

Photo courtesy of Blue Rain Gallery

She is a master of light and shadow.

And she chooses her models carefully, knowing  instinctively which one will
make a painting authentic and memorable. Here is Sofia,
 the muse/model for the painting below - GIRL IN WHITE DRESS

And I couldn't help snapping Roque in front of his portrait.
Santiago will be using both models for a series of Christmas Santos paintings.

BLUE RAIN gallery did a beautiful job of hanging this show. As you walk from painting to painting, artwork has been  arranged on pedestals and shelves to enhance the texture and color of each of Santiago's paintings.

And, Santiago collaborated with Designer & Furniture Maker T. Protheroe to make this handsome, one-of-a-kind trastero with one of her paintings
 inset into the door.

This is a show not to be missed!

July 6 - 21, 2012

130 Lincoln Avenue
Santa Fe, NM

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