Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? - A Delicious Evening

THE SANTA FE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION  hosted a spectacular fundraiser this past weekend - GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER?.  Twenty-Three, themed dinner parties were held  simultaneously throughout Santa Fe and I was privileged to capture one of them with my camera.  Linda Osborne and Geramy Quarto were my hosts and the five-course, absolutely amazing dinner was created by Chef Greg Menke of The Beestro. A beautiful, long table was set under a portal on the patio and soft music filled the air...

Photography by C. Whitney-Ward

The theme was a New Mexico Centennial Feast and the tantalizing menu celebrated the rich history of New Mexico and its wonderful foods -

As guests arrived they were served a diminutive cocktail that hinted at how wonderful
the rest of the menu would be...

Falcon Meadery mead wine with lime juice, pomegranate syrup
 and a pomegranate powder rim.

When everyone was settled at table, the Amuse-Bouche arrived - an elaborate bite that teases the mouth- Smoked Heron Lake salmon mousse with fresh horseradish root,  flying fish caviar and brioche triangles.

A Roasted Bell Pepper Soup with Sambuca cream and Fennel Fronds...followed.

In the kitchen Chef Menke was dusting goat cheese-stuffed squash blossoms
with blue cornmeal. After a quick flash fry they were plated with a fresh tomato and fava bean sauce- Three Sisters Squash Blossoms.

In late spring, we plant the corn and beans and squash. They're not just plants- we call them the three sisters. We plant them together, three kinds of seeds in one hole. They want to be together with each other, just as we Indians want to be together with each other. So long as the three sisters are with us we know we will never starve. The Creator sends them to us each year. We celebrate them now. We thank Him for the gift He gives us today and every day.
- Chief Louis Farmer (Onondaga)

Then, a sparkling intermezzo - Lemon Sorbet in Cactus Fruit topped
with cactus fruit gelée.

Chef Menke took to the grill preparing the main entree - Red Chile Honey Lamb  and Green Chile Chicken Skewers..

And this was paired with a magnificent, conical entrée salad piled with local organic Farmers' Market greens, beet and carrot noodles and fiddle heads...

Everyone had a wonderful time...

A special thank you to our hosts - Linda & Geramy

To Chef Menke who is a master and a poet in the kitchen.

And to all the guests who indulged my photography during dinner...

If you missed this year's GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER?, you missed
a delicious opportunity to donate to the


Chef Greg Menke - The Beestro


 Note: the Header Photograph - is the beautiful table awaiting guests at
Sherry Stein and Char de Vazquez' "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

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