Japan Comes To Santa Fe

A R T   S A N T A   F E

The 12th Annual Art Santa Fe this past weekend showcased more than 30 international galleries representing both celebrated and emerging contemporary artists. I decided to focus my camera on the Japanese art...it beckoned.

Photographs by C. Whitney-Ward

Anjin Abe

Abe (pronounced ah-bay) is one Japan's secret treasures of
traditional wood-fired Bizen pottery.

Heis Gallery - Fukuoka, Japan

Ryuma Imai
Emamel and Acrylic on Paper
Heis Gallery - Fukuoka, Japan


Zen like drawings made with millions of pencil stokes...

" I draw a picture with only one pencil.
I believe that soul dwells in one drawn line. "

Systema Gallery - Osaka, Japan

 Japanese ink on paper

Systema Gallery - Osaka, Japan

 Yayoi Kusama
Silk screened and "painted" with glitter.

Watanabe Fine Art - Osaka, Japan

Yayoi Kusama

A wildly eccentric and successful  Japanese pop artist (she's 83) profiled  above in W Magazine. A retrospective of her work is at the Whitney Museum of American Art
through September 30th, 2012.

Yasuo Jo

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Watanabe Fine Art - Osaka, Japan

Hiroshi Nomoto

Abstract Metal Sculpture - versed in nature

Gallery Sudoh - Kanagawa, Japan

And a special thanks to Santa Fean Eiko Miki
who guided me through the show.

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