Santero Nicholas Herrara

 L E G E N D  

 A T   

L E G E N D S    S A N T A   F E

Photos and Text by C. Whitney-Ward

NICHOLAS HERRARA is as bold, fun and unique as the carved and painted bultos, retablos, altars, doors and mixed media pieces that he creates. Each work reflects and challenges the rich heritage of traditional Santero art.

Herrara is a rebel and a genius. His show - MESTIZO - just opened at
Legends Santa Fe, and is a visual treat revealing his political bent, satirical
 world-view and complex inner heart. 

His work is in private collections and in major museums including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Museum of American Folk Art in New York, and the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art.

He works from a large, light-filled studio in El Rito  in the house that his grandparents built. His family has been in New Mexico for fifteen generations and in El Rito for six. His great uncle  -  Jose Ines Herrara - also a carver, was known as El Santero de Muerto -  the Saint Maker of Death.

Herrara and artist Susan Guevara collaborated on several pieces in the show - he carved; she painted.

Guevara's bold and beautiful solo paintings are also featured in the show.


125 Lincoln Avenue
Santa Fe, NM


Featuring Works by Susan Guevara
July 6th - July 31st

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