"Casa Rosina‘s mission is to bring to collectors the finest artifacts, original creations and authentic reproductions representing the unique cultural heritage of Latin America, Spain, Italy, and the American Southwest. Casa Rosina artisans design and craft furniture, doors, and lighting destined to be heirlooms. Signed pieces blend art and design in superbly made one-of-a-kind creations for your home."

The moment I stepped into CASA ROSINA -  my eyes were drawn toward the ceiling, bewitchingly-festooned with a 'forest' of intricate, custom wrought iron and tin chandeliers. When I could pull my eyes away, I met  Jeannie Colburn-Hernandez -  the creator of all the hanging wonders - under the name FERRO ANTICO. She took me on a tour...





While ethereal chandeliers may hang from above, gorgeous vintage, antique and custom furniture and objects de art are showcased below in each of the beautifully-curated showrooms.

T H E  S T U D I O

Tucked into the back room is a finishing studio where
all the final touches take place. 

Jeannie Calhoun-Hernandez
Photo courtesy of Casa Rosina

1925 Rosina Street - Santa Fe, NM
Call for an appointment


  1. The light with gold Flowers smaller...price The black wrought iron w gold glass price.Thanks Myra

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