"For me, creating art is like reading Turkish coffee grounds. A story is revealed
as I look at the surface, texture and color. Moving around the canvas, I can 
see the past, present and future of the creation."

Darlene  Olivia McElroy

Darlene Olivia McElroy is a delight. And when I walked into her eclectic and wonderfully-curated home and studio she shares with her delightful husband David, I felt that I had just stepped into one of her extraordinary layered-story paintings. Take a look...

A small patio greets you with plantings, water and hints of the delights to come...

Now, step inside...

Loving objects placed just so on a gorgeous chest of drawers in the foyer.

This spacious and welcoming living room screams...let me sit awhile and take everything in.

" Many of the pieces in my house are either from extensive travelling - I spent two years
travelling around the world - trades from other artists and just collecting. My favorite places
are Morocco, Italy, Mexico, France and Tahiti. Depending on the day, one of those
may be the one I'm dreaming about. "

What do you love most about your lovely home?

"I love how it looks small and private from the outside, but when you enter it opens to a wall of windows to the backyard. I have vignettes throughout the house of my collections and things I brought back from my travels. I want to feel like I am taking a trip by just being home."

Then you step into the kitchen and stand for awhile just looking...
Yes, I'd kill for that yellow table and all the crosses.

Just off the kitchen is Darlene's studio, dominated by a huge work table 
and lots and lots of storage and artwork.

Her narrative mixed media pieces are elegant, textured and storied. And her collection of  'stuff'' is epic - filling drawers and tabletops. Her hero/muse?  " Robert Rauschenberg for his love of collage, image transfers and interesting combination of elements; but I am finding many other artists,
 usually European, that are inspiring me."

She creates molds from many of her textured finds and then applied pieces from the molds...

Photos Courtesy of Artist

If you could create an entire wall or ceiling with your artwork...where would that be?

"In an old palace on the water in Venice in an earlier time. I love the textures, light and colors
 of that city. I've spent a lot of tie there, many at Carnivale."

Even her wastebasket is wonderful!

"I consider each piece a step closer to being a master of my craft. I learn something new from
each piece I touch and that is success to me - creating mysteriously-contemporary nostalgia. "

Above 3 photos courtesy of artist

And, Darlene and Dave invited me to stay for lunch... She cooks as
brilliantly as she creates art!

Moroccan Pastilla -
 & Watermelon Salad

The Pastilla was like one of Darlene's 'veiled stories'- crowned with an elegant pattern of powdered sugar on flaky filo dough. Hidden inside were layers of chicken, dried dates, ground almonds...with hints of saffron, turmeric, rose water, and so much more. The taste? Moroccan and delicious...


And do check out her on-line classes and Technique books

Darlene's work is shown at LA POSADA HOTEL


E - sara@saraeyestone.com

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