TODOS SANTOS - Chocolates & Confections - 
 is a nip of a shop tucked into Sena Plaza - just down from Santa Fe's Historic Plaza.

Your first clue of the delights within is the 
gaggle of silver balls, feathers and charming ephemera crowning
this diminutive shop's turquoise doorway...

Step inside and your senses soar; the heady perfume of chocolate fills the air and the mad/wonderful/playful displays tell you immediately that you have found a Santa Fe gem. The creator of this delicious wonderland is Hayward Simoneaux who opened Todos Santos in 1999 has been touted as one of the top 10 artisan chocolaiteirs in the country by Chocolatier Magazine. The shop has also been featured in Vogue, The New York times,Town and Country and on the Food Network. His career in chocolate began with collecting chocolate molds; then he learned to make chocolate; and combining the two passions with extraordinary packaging design - TODOS SANTOS emerged. 


Wondrous surprise balls...too amazing to open and find the treats tucked inside. 

Everything screams VALENTINES DAY!

Every nook and cranny and surface in the shop is filled with wonders...

Yes...even a hand carved Kachina Pez container..

T O D O S   S A N T O S
Chocolates & Confections

125 E. Palace - inside Sena Plaza Courtyard


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