T H E   A R T F U L   D U O

Artist Richard Kurtz is passionate about  prize fighters, super heroes and seductive women, and all three are the fodder for his exuberant outsider art.

 Photo courtesy of the artist

Photographer Jennifer Esperanza's portfolio is diverse - portraits that capture weddings, artists, cultural icons,  adventure/travel, and sensuality. 


They met three years ago in Santa Fe as they were walking along a street and nearly collided - sending Jennifer's hat  flying. They've been together ever since - creating , traveling and building a vibrant life.

I spent a few hours with this creative duo at Richard's Second Street studio and their art and energy was electrifying...

R I C H A R D   K U R T Z


Vintage Ring Magazines - a gift from Jennifer

"When I was thirteen Muhammad Ali was my Hero. He spoke his truth. I saw him walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City in 1968. His Boxing title had been stripped from him. He walked the planks of the boardwalk with integrity. The 'boxer' series for me serves as a metaphor to focus. The image of the boxer is my way of dealing with my demons...a constant fight to remain conscious and present."

Art and the tools of his trade  are everywhere in this loft/studio space. I didn't know what to 'shoot' first. 

His canvas of choice varies. Could be sheet music, a credit card, children's books, playing cards, flash cards, or a stash of NRA paper targets he found on a morning walk...

Q. What defines an 'outsider artist'?

A. For me, these are people whose inner life is so strong that they become disenfranchised from 'reality'. Their ability to create provides a unique language that goes beyond and into another dimension.

For his  card paintings, he uses a magnifying glass.They are diminutive works of art.

He recently showed at Art Basel...

And Jennifer photographed and created this handsome magazine/book of his boxing portfolio #1. Available at link below

J E N N I F E R   E S P E R A N Z A

"I'm a working photographer, culture blogger, traveler

 and hunter of treasures."


Her sensual photography, says Jennifer, is her life's passion...

Q. When did you realize that your creative touchstone was the Venusian idea of beauty?

A.  From an early age I've been a devotee of the mysteries of the sensual. This has always been my truth. Watery dreams and my relationship to the ocean have helped align my vision. I live my life as artistically as the things I make in form.

But her portfolio of work is filled with other gorgeous photography capturing fashion, music, art and the unexpected...

Q. Have you ever considered a collaborative project combining 
photography and painting?

A. As a couple we're continually looking for ways to creatively collaborate. Each of us has our own practice, yet when we come together we look for ways to fuse our unique perspectives into an altogether new and dynamic conversion.

R. Jennifer' photography is all about sensual beauty. I'd like to alter her images with paint and see where this might take the work. 

J. I would like to create an installation combining the human figure, body paint and photography.


  1. gorgeous, you guys!!!! xxxxx

  2. Richard & Esperanza, great artist's & great blog.
    Eduardo Hernández de la Pava