I met Santa Fe Artist Ellen (Ellie) Fuller at a dinner party a few weeks ago and we chatted about her art and her new studio. She invited me to come for tea and to have a look. She lives just north of Santa Fe in the picturesque village of Tesuque - home to the Santa Fe Opera and close to the Tesuque Pueblo, a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos.

It's a lovely drive going north out of Santa Fe and turning onto the winding gravel rode that takes me to Ellie's secluded, art-filled home, I already feel that lovely serenity that enthrawls when traveling anywhere in New Mexico. 

T H E   H O M E

The long, narrow lap pool in front of the house, although covered in a winter tarp, hints at the lovely morning and evening 'swims' that await.  And when you step inside, the beautiful mingling of east and west is a charming divergence from typical Southwest style. 

The simple arrangement in this delicate wooden bowl personifies that east/west sensibility...

 This romantic chaise, sitting next to one of the  dozens of windows  in this light-filled house,  offers gorgeous views of the property and brings the outside in.

 A self portrait...

One of her Mother's paintings. "She had no formal training; didn't know how to draw, but all of her paintings were imbued with so much feeling," explains Ellie. Her father was a businessman, she says, but also a violinist, so their home was always filled with music. 

 My personal favorite..

And her passion for nature is everywhere. She says that as a child she was shy and spent hours alone outdoors looking at birds; sitting by water and just listening; creating the foundation for her life-long fascination with nature that now informs her art. 

She also had a passion for taking things apart and studying them, hence her intimacy and understanding of rendering  details.

T H E   S T U D I O

Her beautiful studio is in a renovated space next to her house. Curated Asian touches, in addition to her finished paintings bring a warm and inviting aesthetic to the large space.  The gorgeous vintage wedding kimono takes center stage...

The exquisite detail on this piece took months 
and months to realize...


And, Ellie has just sent off a submission to the prestigious, annual Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI. 
Photo courtesy of the artist


Click the link below to see a lovely video of the artist and her process...

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