When I travelled to Venice I took hundreds and hundreds of photographs, recording all the visual wonders that I could possibly fit into two amazing weeks. I published several CHASING VENICE pieces on the blog and tucked all the photos (so I thought) onto my external hard drive. But just the other day, I discovered a batch of photographs that I had never processed and had somehow forgotten all about. What fun to look at them again with new eyes and publish another LOOKBOOK of my personal Venetian images.

Graffiti is everywhere...

The temporary raised, wooden walk ways that are stacked and waiting for the inevitable "Aqua Alta" or high water  that descends on Venice come wintertime. 

Capturing the many modes of transportation on the Grand Canal...

All the rage - gorgeous matching outfits for you and your glam doll..

The skyscapes are wondrous in Venice...

And yes, I have a thing for shooting through windows. Love the refelctions!

The famous Cafe Florian.  
The pulled canopies look like theatre curtains announching that the show is about to begin...

The only white surface in Venice!

Food displays are works of art. 

GORGEOUS. But not for meandering Venice.