WILLIAM DUBBY FUQUA  is a storyteller. But his narratives aren't written in words, they are crafted from found objects - each chosen to combine with others to tell a compelling  tale.  He strives for...

"A perfect match between objects; a story that is better understood
 with visuals."

His house is the repository of these wonderful curiosities and they are everywhere - reclining on tabletops; studding every wall; begging to be admired and deciphered.

He admits to being an inveterate stalker, hunting his objects just about everywhere - an arroyo, an antique shop, the woods, dilapidated buildings, Goodwill; and he accepts offerings from friends who delight in furthering his artistic endeavors.

"I find myself stalking the detritus of man and nature because I have to create!"

Born in Hollywood, California and moving between L.A. and Dallas for many years, he found himself in Santa Fe in 1969. But, It took four more back and forth moves to finally call Santa Fe home. 

His fascination with found objects began when he was nineteen. "I was sticking and gluing stuff together, but  had no idea what it was called, " notes Fuqua, whose past adventures are as quixotic and layered as his assemblages.

He admits to having been a petty hoodlum, a hippie, an outlaw/unlicensed barber  for some of the future rock stars of the 60's, a singer - the first white recording artist for the Chicago-based Chess Records, and finally a long-time tour manager for big-name musicians such as Joni Mitchell and The Rockets. And,  he is  a published author of a series of books - The Kalapastone Adventures - available on Amazon.com.  

I personally think he's missed his true calling..

1940's Gangster for hire!

If you'd like to meet this fascinating artist he will be part of a Group Show at THE ELLSWORTH GALLERY, opening February 6th.

213 East Palace Avenue - Santa Fe, NM


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