T H E    M I S T R E S S   O F   S P I C E

"I live, breathe and am spice," admits Kate Wheeler, owner of the downtown Santa Fe SAVORY SPICE SHOP. "I'm obsessed with spice and want to make the world of exotic food accessible and unintimidating."

Lydia Studier-Tarzia   &   Kate Wheeler

When I walked into the shop a few weeks ago I knew that I had to come back with my camera.  Spices everywhere - in jars, in bins, in packages - more than 400 different products including 165 spice blends - no additives, preservatives, anti-caking agents or msg. She stresses that her products are gluten-fee, non-gmo, and not irradiated.

 A veritable spice library!

"We grind and blend (all proprietary recipes) our spices weekly," explains Wheeler, a Johnson & Wales trained chef with diverse international culinary experience. Ask her about Antarctica!

Ten years ago Wheeler entered the world of spices, working her way up from grinder to blender and now owner. She is passionate about the history, lore and delicious possibilities of spice, and with her culinary background, she can answer just about any question you might have.

Shelves are festooned with every imaginable spice and if you don't know GALANGAL ROOT from TASMANIAN PEPPER BERRIES or how to create a memorable something with GRAINS OF PARADISE or FRANKINCENSE TEARS, Wheeler and her lovely assistant Lydia can solve the puzzle. (Check their website for a listing of Spice classes). And yes, many of the spices are familiar - saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise - but the variety is what will keep bringing you back and the freshness. 

And as you peruse the shelves, you can taste each spice. 

S A V O R Y   S P I C E   S H O P

225 Galisteo Street  - Santa Fe


Facebook - SavorySpiceShopSantaFe

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