F R O M   R A G S   T O   R I C H E S

Photography by C. Whitney-Ward

Recycle artists have amazing eyes. They can see the potential of turning vintage tart pans, battered tins and old bed springs into imaginative pieces of art.  And, if you attended this year's Recycle Art Festival, then you were privy to some wonderful transformations. 

If you missed it, put it on your calendar for next year. It's an impressive show of creating outside the box.  Here are some of my favorites.

If they could only fly...what a sight that would be.

Sneaker Couture from the recycled fashion show!

Victorian buttons, vintage beads,  cracker jack prizes and this 
and that emerge into wearable art that is fit for the runway.

Metals of  every description cajoled into works of art.

Rough & ready lampshades to Victoriana delights.

And, who could resist curling up on this soft and inviting chaise?

And these contemporary miniature - scale roomscapes
 were simply amazing.

As was this larger-than-life figure welcoming everyone  with outstretched arms to the Recycle Art Festival...

And last but not least....glam outhouses.  

Kudos to recycle artist Joeseph B. Nickels  who made 
this year's show a WOW!

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