Friday Night Gallery Hopping - Santa Fe

A  T R I O  O F  O P E N I N G S

Photography by C. Whitney-Ward

Friday nights are my favorite in Santa Fe. There's always a gallery opening and it's a wonderful opportunity to see new art and to meet a bevy of talented artists.  My destination this Friday was Lincoln Avenue, just a block off the Plaza, where three galleries - LEGENDS, BLUE RAIN AND EVOKE CONTEMPORARY - were abuzz with people and vibrant art. Of course, I had my camera at the ready.

At BLUE RAIN, Jim Vogel's  work caught my eye.

Powerful, bold images captured in beautifully-wrought frames.

Pamela Wilson's show at EVOKE CONTEMPORARY, just next door, is evocative and wonderfully wild. And if you'd like to see her process, there's a beautiful video that captures her creative journey for each canvas.  CLICK HERE

Pamela's shoes ... I couldn't resist!

And, LEGENDS SANTA FE  - just across the street - had an
eclectic show curated by artists Susan Guevara and Nicholas Herrera.

Nicholas Herrera

Julie Wagner - Pines by the river

Randall Largo - Glow

Susan Guevara - Hope



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  2. How do I put a video on your blog? I represent Kat Sawyer. Patricia Von Buelo of Rezedenzia suggested that Kat contact you regarding her upcoming exhibit opening and new video by Gloria Garber.