New Mexico Artist Louisa McElwain - 1953 - 2013

G O N E   T O O    S O O N

I loved her paintings...I loved her house...I loved her creative spirit...

Photographs - Evoke Contemporary Gallery

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Service Wednesday, March 6th @ Evoke Contemporary  5-7 pm


  1. i was crushed to hear this...i went to evoke today just to look at her paintings. i can't believe there will never be any more. she will definitely be missed.

  2. I'm sad to hear she has left this world. I knew her and her family in Weston, Mass, and at Cambridge School. All of them caring, unique, earth-oriented people. They created community-oriented farming (Greeen Power) and maple sugaring operations that were done for the benefit of all. Real good people.
    Rest in peace, Louisa.
    Gordon H. Clark

  3. Alan Taback; Praise the Lord for her incredible gifts and her wonderful generosity of heart.She took me, a young painter, under her wing for a brief but everlasting moment.She felt the pulse of the land, and of people. She loved freely; I am saddened, but secure in the knowlege that her spirit is with the Lord and with all those she touched. She drank deeply from the cup of life. May her glorious soul rest peacefully with the angels.