A Turquoise Coupe - A Thing of Beauty

W H Y   I S   T H I S    M A N   S M I L I N G ?
Photography by C. Whitney-Ward

I met Steve MacGregor just a few days ago. When I walked into his yard, he was gently hoisting and fitting
a bright turquoise engine into the re-built frame of a 1931 Ford.
I was mesmerized and pulled out my camera to capture
this turquoise beauty for CHASING.


The interior details are impressive as well.



The decorative gear shift knob is an old gravity-fed oiler that is now
filled with dice.

The inside doors are finished in pleated black Naugahyde, and the interior roof is finished in an intricate diamond pattern.
The sleek door handles are from a '66 Pontiac Bonneville and the gas pedal is a spoon. Yup, a throw back to the 1920's.
Building this hot rod took a year, says Steve, who found the frame and began the search for the other parts. The brakes are from a '48 Ford; the rear end from a '57 Chevy; the body from a '27 Ford. A mutt turned into a butterfly, so to speak.
"I learned a lot from the first car that I built," says Steve.
 He sold it on E-Bay and it's now in Japan.
But, he plans to keep his turquoise coupe. So if you see him around town...say Hey!
And yes, Steve took me for a ride!


  1. Whoa dude how did you manage to make a turquoise engine ?

  2. Seriously dude did you find some engine paint or something I seriously wanna know where I can find a turquoise 350 chevy small block engine

  3. I've got a 1985 turquoise el camino that needs a turquoise engine in it just like that one man!