Bryan Berg's Remarkable House of Cards

Santa Fe Artist BRYAN BERG is a CARDSTACKER - a colossal cardstacker, to be more precise. In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for building the largest and tallest structures  of freestanding playing cards. Yup, Bryan's massive construction (above) stood 28-feet tall and used more than 400,000 playing cards. And it took considerable creative force to bring it down.

Bryan learned the art of finessing playing cards from his grandfather and over the years he honed and perfected his card-building techniques. With a degree in architecture and a masters in design studies from Harvard, Bryan's approach to cardstacking is serious business.  In fact, he's the only professional cardstacker in the world. His designs are mind blogging and draw huge crowds, hence he's hired to create card magic all over the world.

Recently Berg held a hands-on workshop for Santa Fe kids to introduce them to the art of cardstacking, and the nifty Carstackers Game Box he designed with 825 special playing cards and instructions on how to create some pretty impressive structures.

I brought my camera and captured some of the fun!

Bryan began stacking...

And kids and adults alike were enthralled...

And they all  fall down...

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