T. Protheroe -

D E S I G N I N G   H I S   W A Y   F R O M   L O N D O N   T O   S A N T A   F E

Photography & Text by C.Whitney-Ward

When you walk into  Terry Protheroe's home you immedately feel his  aesthetic. Pendelton blankets drape windows; fun carved and painted art pepper every surface; interesting objects are staged perfectly; and his furniture is vintage, bold and masculine. It's an interesting space that he's filled with the color and texture of the Southwest.

His career path is eclectic as well. Born in London, he moved to Amsterdam where he became a pastry chef. Then he began making jewelry, got his goldsmith's diploma and moved to NY. His career took off. He began designing and worked for COACH, CALVIN KLEIN, MICHAEL KORS, NAUTICA, AND KATE SPADE. 

Then he moved to Santa Fe where he was Director of Design for watches and leather goods at PEYOTE BIRD.



Then he began crafting beautiful things out of wood in his large, light-filled studio.

Selected trays & chests available at NATHALIE on Canyon Road

A collaborative piece with artist Roseta Santiago. 

And then there is his jewelry - bold leather cuffs with
 hand-cut & hammered brass motifs.

His studio is filled with vintage tools that look more like art.

 And the beautifully restored Ducati motorcycles take pride of place in Terry's studio. Truly a creative labor of love.

Did I mention that he's also a Volunteer firefighter with the Hondo  Fire Department?  "It's a brotherhood," says Terry. "Having people in my life who would run into a burning building to save me is something few people in life can say."

Is there anything this gifted craftsman can't do?



  1. What a fabulous post about a very talented artist. I loved seeing a glimpse of Terry's home. The fireplace mantle collection is one I love.

  2. Great stuff. Glad to know more about Terry's art.

  3. Extremely cool, amigo! Glad to know you. Need to GTG for a beer.