Gail Factor - Spirit of a Studio

T O N E   P O E M
A tone poem is a piece of orchestral music played in a single continuous movement in which the content of a poem, a story, a landscape - or other
 non-musical source - is evoked. The listener is inspired to imagine...
Photos by C. Whitney-Ward


When Gail Factor paints she creates a symphonic poem - conjuring up images and experiences that have happened decades before. Her paintings may resemble landscapes, but to Factor, who started art classes at age five, the compositions that pour from her brush are"total fiction -  not abstracted."
And she gets to do all of that in a lush, bucolic place where she designed and built her house and her handsome, stand-alone studio. 

Gail paints "obsessively" and switches from oil to pastels to watercolor when the mood strikes. "I shift mediums to try and stay fresh," notes Factor, who will be including all three in her show - TONE POEM  - at MILL FINE ART on Canyon Road 
 August 24th - September 30th.



530 Canyon Road - Santa Fe, NM



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