Andrea Broyles - Home & Studio

I had seen a piece on Artist Andrea Broyles in THE Magazine last fall and was intrigued. So when I bumped into her having afternoon tea at the Chocolate Maven, one thing led to another and she invited me to see her home and studio.  Andrea  and screenwriter husband William -   Apollo 13  Polar Express  Cast Away - and their three children  moved to Santa Fe  four-years ago from Jackson Hole.  Their spacious home is filled with two dogs, three snakes (all in cages) and lots of Andrea's art. Take a peek.

Photos and Text by C. Whitney-Ward

Just as you step in the front door...

William is an avid collector of vintage photography.

And their library is a stunner.

Pooch #1 - Finnegan -   a very gentle Irish Wolfhound

Pooch #2 - Chico

A N D R E A ' S   S T U D I O

Andrea is an abstract figurative painter but she also sculpts - moving from one medium to the other when "she gets stuck." Her studio - a converted double garage  is  filled with light and a long wall serves as her easel,  holding paintings, both finished and in progress.

She's currently working on a series of paintings - Fire & Ice - for an upcoming Santa Fe show. May - Downtown Subscription.

Below is a commissioned sculptural garden piece  that will rest on a pedestal and invite the viewer to walk around to read the message.

Another artistic endeavor has a bit more celebrity. When she first met William, she presented him with one of her prints - wings encircled by three rings. Years later she painted this same image on the Fed Ex box that appeared in the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks.

A N D R E A  B R O Y L E S