Holler And Saunders, Ltd.

A   H A C I E N D A   F I L L E D   W I T H   S P L E N D O R

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

- This is the second post from my recent trip to Tucson -

Down a dirt road in Nogales, Arizona, just fifty-feet from the high steel fence that snakes along the Mexican border, is an extraordinary hacienda compound owned by Edward Holler and Samuel Saunders. Holler's grandfather built the original stone and adobe house in 1912, and after inheriting the property, Holler built the larger, many-roomed house that is filled with Spanish Colonial antiques, artifacts and treasures brought back from their travels along the ancient trade routes of the world. These two intrepid travelers - they go on buying trips six times a year - are antique and decorative art dealers extraordinaire, and when you walk through the outer doors into the courtyard/pool area you know that you are about to begin an unforgettable visual adventure.

Every room is like an intimate museum space where the curator has taken exquisite care in placing each piece so that it is singular but also integral to the room's interior design.

Still more inside the charming, original house...

And there's a warehouse...

Holler and Saunders, Ltd. is magical. Well worth the 50-minute flight from Santa Fe and the hour's drive south from Tucson.


Nogales, Arizona
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