The Thrill of the Hunt - Santa Fe Consignment Shops

D I S C O V E R E D -  T H E   B E A T   G O E S   O N

I love consignment shops, but they're not all created equal. The Beat Goes On, owned
by Suzie Kriger, is a cut above. I just discovered it about 6 months ago, probably
because it's tucked into a small off-the-street building on Guadalupe and you
have to know it's there. But there's free parking out front
which makes it a snap to run in and peruse.

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

"This is a place to come and have fun - it's a community,"
says Kriger who's lived in Santa Fe for the past 16 years and been active
in retail for fifty years. She began when she was five, she assures me!

And Kriger's pal Beatrice, was born the day the store
opened 13 years ago and is always at her side.

If you live in Santa Fe The Beat is a great place to bring your stuff  to sell and re-cycle.

 And if you're just visiting, it's a great place to pick up
some Santa Fe duds to take home.

Men's clothes too.  And, lots of faux fur.

They stock some nifty couture clothes and I always make a bee-line to the New Arrivals section.

T H E   B E A T   G O E S   O N

33 Montezuma Ave - Corner of Guadalupe St.


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