Hollie Ambrose - Art & Home

 T H E   W H I M S I C A L   A R T   O F  H O L L I E   A M B R O S E

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

HOLLIE AMBROSE is a jewelry designer and a sculptor and has an intuitive eye for interior design. Her jewelry is colorful and wonderfully playful, created from vintage beads and baubles and stuff that all seems to scream look at me and smile! .A leg from a vintage doll swings on a lovely necklace of black jet and glass beads...a doll-size tea pot anchors a necklace of  glass leaves and tiny, tiny beads. 

The metal shoes are from an old monopoly set.

Her broaches are charming...

And Hollie's home is just as colorful and inviting as her jewelry, filled with
things that she has passionately collected over the years.

"I love the art of collecting and personally know most of the artists whose work I have. When I find a new piece, it's like falling in love.; my heart beats really fast."

Strolling through Hollie's spacious home is like being in a gallery, each piece is placed in just the right place, complimenting a wall or tabletop perfectly.

One of Hollie's sculptures...

A detail of a headboard and lovely carving above...


One of her sculptures framed in a niche on a turquoise wall...




Color, texture and whimsy everywhere...

Even the espresso machine is gorgeous.


November 25, 26, 27

620 Canyon Road - At end of Canyon Alley
11am - 5pm

Also open Christmas Week

T. 505.231.0015

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