Sculptor John Geldersma Dances with Wood...

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

John Geldersma's artistic world is defined by wood. It's everywhere - in his rough and tumble studio and in his lovely home that he shares with his talented wife Keitha. John's show - BLACK WINGS - at the CHIAROSCURO Contemporary Gallery on Canyon Road is bold and beautiful, and when I asked if I could take a peek at his home & studio, he graciously invited me to bring my camera and snap away...

Keitha's handsome landscaping guides you to the front door.

And, once inside, another door leads to John's muse -  a large BWA mask from Mali West Africa. It set everything in motion.

 "I was in Chicago for a gallery show and saw this mask. I told myself that if I sold X number of pieces, I'd buy it. It's had a big influence on my art."

The pieces below  from John's current show at Chiaroscuro reflect that influence beautifully. 

The interiors of John and Keitha's house are a seamless melange of Asian and African art.

And, the Dogen door latch on the top shelf inspired his current show BLACK WINGS. 

His work defines every room in the house.

John's STUDIO  - just next to the house - is huge and light-filled and the floor is heaped with sawdust.  Chain saws, chisels, grinders and paint brushes are at the ready.

And wood...

John works mostly with Aspen  from the Jemez Mountains, but he also uses pecan from Louisiana. After he chooses the wood, he sketches on it and then out comes the chain saw and other sanding/griding tools.
All of his pieces are then burned (that'a what makes the black black) and painted.  John calls his work Contemporary Tribalism,
 I call it amazing. Drop by the gallery and take a peek.

702 1/2 & 708 Canyon Rd. at Gypsy Alley
 Santa Fe, NM 87501



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