Charlotte - Ehinger-Schwarz 1876

Photos byC. Whitney-Ward

I think that a more appropriate name for the lovely jewelry store - CHARLOTTE - tucked onto Santa Fe's historic Plaza - would be  ABRACADABRA!   Why? Because each piece of their handsomely-designed jewelry is interchangeable. A pendant hanging from a beautiful pearl necklace can be detached

and worn as a broach...

The delicate leaf and pearl dangling at the end of the broach can be removed and slipped onto a single chain of gold. 

And one more transformation - a lovely amber necklace replaces the pearls and
creates a dazzling metamorphosis.  Abracadabra!

In addition to all of that loveliness, when you step inside Charlotte, you'll be greeted by owner Dorothee Maier (on rt.) and her lovely assistant Marlena.

And, if you play your cards right, you'll soon be sipping a freshly-made espresso.

Which is the perfect European touch for a store that was created by and showcases the work of  Wolf-Peter Schwarz, a fourth-generation German jewerly designer.

But, it is very much a family business. Wolf-Peter is the creator/designer, the store is named after his beautiful wife Charlotte, and his equally beautiful daughter Caroline (below rt.) is now very much a part of the family enterprise.  

The jewelry system is brillant and precisely designed to accommodate multiple variations. New jewels or disks are applied or layered and "locked" into place using a tiny tool and a miniscule spring pin.

Creating...endless variety.

Twice a year a diminutive catalog/ book is created for clients to view
the new designs, showing all the captivating possibilites. 

And each year a gorgeous calendar celebrates the visual choreography of the jewelry.

I am a devout silver and turquoise kind of gal. But after spending some time photographing and playing with this lovely jewelry, I could easily be converted.

And buy the amazing Bull Dog ring...

Ehinger-Schwarz 1876
66 E. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM
Owners: Dorothee & Gunther Maier

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  1. Cynthia! Each post I discover along with you the adventure of lovely things and places in Santa Fe! Winter in Seattle is grey and long and as I cruise through your rainbow of offerings my spirits lift!! Love you, Christine Burgoyne