Johnnie's Market - The Real Deal

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Johnnie’s Market, just off Acequia Madre, is Santa Fe's oldest neighborhood grocery store and a walk back in time. If you haven't dropped in to buy a gallon of milk or say hello to owner Johnnie Armijo,  you're missing a piece of Santa Fe history. Johnnie built and  opened the  market (with his Father) in 1946 when he was 16-years old, and he's still running it 65 years later.  I stopped by to get Tamales and came away with a few stories and a crush on Johnnie. 

I asked him about all  the trophies he's got displayed around the store and he said they belong to his grand and great grand kids - he's got thirty-five of them, and obviously proud as punch of every one.

And his shelves are well stocked with the essentials.

There's memorabilia on every wall.

Bits of old Santa Fe charm.

There's ice.

Swell tamales. And a picnic table outside.

And best of all, you get to meet Johnnie.

Stop by and say hey. Bring the kids, it's the REAL DEAL!

420 Camino Don Miguel

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