I've been accused of taking very few photos of Santa Fe women. And, as I look at the  "Faces of Santa Fe" sidebar, I see the error of my ways.  So, here goes...

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

And this is her truck...

The middle parts of the truck are swell too.

She didn't think she was photogenic...silly girl.

A Wonder Woman/Virgin of Guadalupe

And Georgia O'keeffe, of course.

No doubt on the gender here.

A feminine blast from the past - a charm bracelet.
 And I loved the jeweler's comment:
"Let's take all those sentiments/memories that we're putting on Facebook and twitter
 and put them back on our wrists." You've got my vote!

And this was the "smartest" woman I spotted today. She came prepared for the frigid winds that were a blowin'.
Photographed at The Flea - now open weekends at the Downs.

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  1. I love this blog!! You certainly capture the essence of our colorful, fascinating, vibrant, City Different and I think the Flea is also capturing the this essence. Thumbs UP!