Q & A  is a new segment on Chasing Santa Fe where I will be interviewing fascinating Santa Feans about their passion for this amazing place.

                                          Photo by C. Whitney-Ward

Jane Sauer - Owner/Director of the Jane Sauer Gallery on Canyon Road - adores Santa Fe and is passionate about cutting-edge contemporary art.  A native of St. Louis, Jane was a master fiber artist before  moving to Santa Fe and re-creating herself as a gallerist.  Her vibrant and distinctive work is in 19 museum collections and she has shown throughout the United States and Europe. Early on, she became equally interested in the “business” of art, curating shows and serving as the President of the prestigious American Craft Council. So when she and her husband moved to Santa Fe in the mid 90’s, her transformation from studio artist to gallery owner was seamless. And, she has never looked back – championing artists and the artistic community with great passion and vision.

Q. If you could describe Santa Fe in three words, what would they be?
Progressive, friendly, artistic.

Q. What was your first impression?
The openness of the landscape. It was different from being in the city where you couldn't see the earth or envision the sky because all of that was blocked by buildings. I knew that this was how I wanted to live my life.

Q. What makes you want to stay?
The wonderful mix of cultures and fascinating people. There are stories everywhere.  There is such a strong aesthetic among the Native American and Hispanic communities. They don’t view what something is made out of as determining it’s  worth. Straw art is just as  valid as an oil painting. I support that philosophy - it’s a very comfortable marriage between materials and artistic vision.

Q. What Santa Fe vista would you chose if you only had one window in your house?
The one that we actually have – a view of the Sun & Moon Mountain near St. John’s college. It reflects all the seasons – snow, cloud formations, shadows, sunlight…

Q. What do you love about the artists that you represent?
They are so bright and creative. I would love to live in their brain for a few days to see  how they come up with all their gorgeous ideas. It’s so satisfying being with them on their artistic path and interacting with their passion.

Q. If you had  only one afternoon to spend  in Santa Fe, what would you do?
Walk Canyon Road! I’d start at the bottom going from gallery to gallery and when I reached the end I’d go back down the other side. Most gallerists are eager to tell you about their artists and show you around. It's  active, a very different experience than being in a museum.  

652 Canyon Road

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