Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Nancy Arnold,  owner of Santa Fe Fabrics, has filled her wonderful store with  texture, color and beauty - gorgeous fabrics and notions from around the world.  Her philosophy is pretty simple -  if you're going to spend hours and hours sewing something,  begin  with beautiful  fabric.

But where to begin?  There are so many luscious choices. Yummy dupioni or charmeuse silks, organic fabrics, oil cloth,  taffeta,  vintage kimono panels, velvets, including white for dying, ikats, Australian aboriginal cotton prints, even Colcha cloth for indigenous New Mexico embroidery.

And there are buttons...

And ribbons ...

 And pincushions...

Lots of patterns and wonderful advice.

What do your customers think about Santa Fe Fabrics?
 "Well," says Nancy, "one customer asked if she could spend the night;
 she just didn't want to leave!"

Indeed, this is a very happy, colorful and addictive place.

533 W. Cordova Rd.
In the El Cordova Shopping Center
Across from Great Little Cars
Be sure to check out their great blog.

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  1. Just an update as of June 2011: Santa Fe Fabrics has now moved to a bigger location in the same shopping center. Now at 1100 Don Diego, right next to Dulce.