sLast night I went to the Willie Nelson Concert at Buffalo Thunder Resort. Which by the way is a very fun experience. If you don't like smoking or gambling, head to the second floor. There's an up-scale  restaurant and bar and it's smoke-free. The ballroom space, where the concert was held, is large but still felt intimate. Even from the back you could see Willie and the two larger-than-life monitors brought him almost into your lap.

                                 Photo courtesy of One Penny Sheet

The concert was swell. And yes, he's cut his hair (didn't get a photo of that!) but being "braidless" didn't change a thing. His guitar work was something to behold as well. Which brings me to the Shirt.

Well, I got to the casino early and sat in the upstairs bar. It was packed with really interesting looking folks. And then in walked The Shirt. It was just about the best shirt I'd ever seen - billowy, slightly rumpled and thickly hand-embroidered front and back - all white on white. The fact that the gal wearing it was six feet tall and gorgeous didn't hurt. And she had the shirt cinched  in at her waist with  a great looking concho belt. Of course I couldn't resist finding out who she was and where she got The Shirt.

Her name is Dana Waldon, she's a Santa Fe Photogrpaher and she has a booth at the Santa Fe Flea Market at the Railyard. 
     Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Here's the shirt.

If denim is more your thing....

These are bursting with embroidered flowers front and back.

The Santa Fe Traditional Flea Market
Saturdays & Sundays
Check out her photography

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