Farmer's Markets are such visual treats and the Santa Fe Market this past weekend was brimming with eye candy. And, of course, the moment that you step within 200 feet of the Railyard, the perfume of roasting chiles fills the air and pulls you along like the proverbial Pied Piper...And speaking of chiles, if you haven't tried the Spanish Padrone Chiles, do. Several vendors were pan roasting them with olive oil and a bit of garlic and they were utterly wonderful. They're mild and the perfect bite for a cocktail party. But remember, the larger the hotter, so pick diminutive ones.

Heirloom Tomatoes - are hefty, ugly, fabulous, and versatile. I was roasting a chicken the other day and slathered it with butter, sprinkled it liberally with  Herbs de Provence; then set it in a baking dish with fingerling potatoes, onions and quartered heirloom tomatoes - all  doused in olive oil. The chicken baked at 400 degrees until golden and the tomatoes disappeared, mingling with the juices of the chicken and veggies, producing a lovely "gravy/sauce". So simple. So good.

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  1. Ms Whitney-Ward, My wife and I will be back on Tuesday to our favorite place. Thank you for your blog. May I send you pictures that I take in New Mexico ? Thanks Hank McGuire (hwm1979@mac.com)