"Together we have four hands, two cultures, one artist."

SERENDIPITY brought Cuban-born artist Pablo Perea to Glorieta, New Mexico and to the house next door to American-born artist Linda Storm.  When Linda's beloved dog became ill and passed away, Pablo invited her into his studio to work with him on a painting, thinking it would distract her from her grief. And in that moment, a unique artistic collaboration took flight - creating paintings together on a single canvas.  Three hundred paintings later, they have finely-honed their creative duet and invited me into their studio to see the result of their mingled talent...

Their soaring two-story studio/gallery is chock-a-block full of their work. Upstairs  they have a retrospective of their art as singular painters, downstairs they showcase their shared work. Pablo just received his U.S. citizenship, and both flags take pride of place above their working studio.

A large work space dominates the center of the first-floor, The night I visited, Linda was seated on one side of the table, painting details on a canvas with a fine brush. Pablo stood over a large canvas on the opposite side of the table.

And while we talked about their shared work, Pablo added swaths of paint to the canvas on the table. Bricks emerged and glistened as if touched by a sudden rain, and from time to time Linda wandered over to peek over his shoulder, loving what she was seeing and discussing the places that she would add a birdcage, "and a shadow just there", suggested Pablo.

What began on paper as a simple list and sketch of ideas for this painting, emerges full blown while I watch. Amazing...

This is how they work; a dance back and, making comments and suggestions, a gentle critiquing that allows the finished painting to embrace both of their artistic visions. There is perfect trust in each other's 'eye' and that's what make this all work, they tell me. And, notes Pablo, their intellect compliments each other.

But what happens way before paint hits canvas, says Linda and Pablo, is the germ of an idea that begins with a wandering conversation between the two about life. "Sometimes we have a plan, but most of the time a mood we're in suggests a topic," they say. But, regardless of the direction, it always tells a story - intertwining the relationships between humans and nature and the universal cycles of life. 

They are preparing for two solo exhibitions: one in NY this October at the NEW YORK HALL OF SCIENCE - an international show about the current state of food; and the other in January 2017 at the Gallery of BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL JOSE MARTI, in Havana, Cuba. 

 And always two signatures on their mingled paintings!

And, just in case you were wondering, Linda and Pablo are both married, but not to each other. The foursome are dear friends...

L I N D A   S T O R M   &   P A B L O   P E R E A


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