A   V A S T   C O L L E C T I O N  OF
 J A P A N E S E   W O O D B L O C K   P R I N T S

Preserving the Past for the Future...

Artist and Gallerist Anthony Abbate is passionate about many things, but his love of woodblock prints and his vast collection of 18th  & 19th century and modern prints has clearly been a vibrant part of his artistic path for decades. 

Q.  When did your passion for Woodblock Prints begin?

A. In 1982 when I saw a print in an art magazine of a contemporary artist, Masami Teraoka (1936-) titled: "31 Flavors Invading Japan/Today's Special", I showed it to my wife and she bought it for my 33rd birthday. I was more than intrigued and constantly searched the internet for prints and information about the process of making them, which absolutely fascinated me. I've been a collector ever since. 

Q. How many woodblock prints are in your collection?

A. I currently have over 600 prints; most from the 19th century, some from the 18th (late 1700's) and some contemporary 20th and 21st century. I found that the best preserved antique prints that I have acquired are from Europe; ironically, the ones in the poorest condition have been purchased from Japan, perhaps because they were commonplace there - not something rare that should have been preserved.

When the Europeans first discovered Japanes woodblock prints they saw the immense detail and work that had been put into each print and considered them "limited edition" pieces of art; they knew it would be prudent to preserve them. 

Q. If these prints are rare are they also fragile? And if so, how are they best displayed? 

A. I very much want to encourage collectors to preserve these fantastic works of art, so when I sell an original it comes with a museum-quality giclee, printed on washi paper - suitable for framing and almost indistinguishable from the original.

P H O T O G R A P H I C   R E N D E R I N G S

Q. Your own work is hanging in the gallery; what is your process for transforming these gorgeous photographs?

A. I work in a medium I call Photographic Rendering. I begin by taking a digital photograph and then re-working the image in Photoshop - selectively fading or enhancing objects, changing colors, embellishing backgrounds, and using extensive layering. The refined image is then printed on a professional grade printer, and depending on the type of paper, it is either glued onto a Plexiglas panel or mounted on an aluminum frame or a poured resin frame. 

T H E   B O L T Z   C O L L E C T I O N

Q. Are your men's earrings a new creative venture?

A. About 5 years ago I decided to buy a new earring for myself and since I have just one ear pierced, I only wanted to buy one. I realized that most earrings in the marketplace are sold in pairs and designed for women, and I wanted something more masculine.

So I designed one and had a local jeweler make it for me. I just completed my first collection which is called THE BOLTZ COLLECTION. Each earring is made of 18k white or yellow gold with precious or semi-precious stones. And you only have to buy one!

I couldn't help having a bit of photographic fun by placing these gorgeous earrings on a few woodblock prints and snapping away. 

And, a few more glimpses of what else is showcased in the Gallery.

When Anthony is not in attendance, his assistant GABRIEL
 will do the honors.



Every man has to have his toy, and  Anthony has his luscious blue Bentley - The Speed Edition, 600hp, 12 cylinder, twin turbo, convertible.  Of course, I took a few photos...

note: normally he'd be sitting on the driver's side,
but the sun was too bright from that angle...

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