Classic Porsches on the Santa Fe Plaza - 356 Registry West Coast Holiday 2013

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY Classic 1950 & 1960 Porsches
encircled the historic Santa Fe Plaza and dazzled the hundreds and
hundreds of folks who came out to chat with owners and
dream of zipping around town in one of these sweet beauties.

The Holiday is an annual event sponsored by the Porsche 356 Registry, a nationwide club dedicated to preserving and driving early Porsche sports cars. And they came from far and wide.

They began maneuvering into parking spots around the Plaza at 7 am and when I arrived they were in perfect formation with just enough room between each car for the curious to peak in a window to see the immaculate interiors.

The sun was shining and making the most wonderful shadows and surreal reflections on the polished surfaces of each car.  I couldn't resist capturing them with my lens...

And a nifty engine!

Thank you Candace & Geoff Daigle for sending me a
heads up on this amazing gathering...


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