The Den - Santa Fe's 'Hottest" Bar Scene

S L E E K   &   S O P H I S T I C A T E D

Photography & Text - C. Whitney-Ward

Just below the Coyote Cafe on Water Street is the DEN, a really luxurious bar that is spacious and visually chic - low leather couches, a long, slim electric fireplace above the bar, cool graphics on  charcoal walls, and a savvy bar menu that literally lights up when you open it. How crazy is that? 

 The cocktails (no food) on this snazzy menu are tantalizing, creative and amazing.

Calvin - the very savvy bar keep, suggested that I try the SAMURAI. Intrigued I got my camera  and captured this master cocktail maker at work... 

Glass and shaker at the ready...

The glass gets dusted with  Saigon cinnamon - considered one of the finest  in the world. Rich, pungent and intensely sweet, this spice has a high concentration of oil which makes  it spark  when touched with a flame

A diminutive Fourth of  July in a cocktail glass...

The flames are extinguished when a lovely mingling of Mandarin Vodka and
Blood Orange juice are poured...


 Owned by the Coyote Cafe

132 W. Water Street
Santa Fe, NM


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