The Spice Lady

When you step inside Barbara Nass' new shop - THE SPICE LADY - your enveloped in the perfume of every imaginable spice  - sending your senses soaring. Just open three months, this airy and orderly shop is a veritable repository of both  familiar and exotic spices like galangal, ground sumac and fennel pollen. The latter says Nass, is quite lovely sprinkled on just-cooked potatoes tossed with goat cheese.

Photos by C.Whitney-Ward

Open shelves are filled with flavored salts, curries, teas, extracts, spices, herbs and dried exotic mushrooms.

Wood Ear...Matsutake...Morels anyone?

 Bushels of dried chiles beckon.

And, it's expected that you'll unscrew a lid and take an inquisitive sniff.

I'm a dedicated tea drinker and look forward to sampling the Earl Grey teas, but
also some of the more unusual teas that Barbara has found.

There's a small but nice offering of tea accessories. 

Snazzy mortar & pestles.

And several varieties of vanilla extract and vanilla beans.

Spice books too.

And there's no going back to just plain salt when you sprinkle these special seasonings on your next bowl of popcorn .

T H E   S P I C E   L A D Y

509 W. Cordova - El Mercado
505) 471-3833


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  2. I went to the Spice Lady today (2/11/14) and was saddened to see that the store was closed (vacant). Do you know what happened?