Teca Tu - Pet Emporium Extraordinaire

These two cuties stopped by with their 'person' to get
wintered-up in matching coats.

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

And, I'm sure if it were their birthdays they'd be treated with one of these,
or maybe two, TECA TU -  in Sanbusco Mall is just that kinda place.
You can wander in alone, or come with your four-footed friend, either way
you're sure to find something smashing for your pet to wear, play with,
 eat, or otherwise amuse themselves or you!

If you don't have a pet, you can take home one of these amazing faux ones.

If you're planning to go someplace swank...this would do the trick.

And if your pet has asked Santa for an octopus, a monkey or
a months worth of treats...TECA TU...has the goods.


T E C A   T U

Sanbusco Mall
500 Montezuma Ave.

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