WestWink Furniture - Designing Duo

T H E Y   M A K E   B E A U T I F U L   F U R N I T U R E   T O G E T H E R

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Furniture photos courtesy WestWink


into this...

And this...

And this...

Todd grew up in Santa Rosa and Anne in South Boston, but both wended their way to Taos in the 90's where they met and discovered a shared passion for design and furniture. They combined their considerable talents, moved to Santa Fe and are now designing and building amazing furniture that echoes designs from the past - rustic Adirondack, tramp art, early California and  New Mexico-style. 

"I feel that I'm leaving my mark; a sense of legacy," confides Todd, who has made hundreds of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces over the years and still feels enormous satisfaction and gratitude when each is completed.

T H E  P R O C E S S

Anne combines skillfully-rendered sketches with the latest photoshop technology to create WESTWINK designs. She scours magazines and books for design inspiration and chooses the elements that catch her fancy. "I'm always inspired; always designing," says Anne who likes to push the designs to create something fresh and new.

Todd begins to build each piece, using either pine or alder. He prefers pine because it is a softer wood and carves beautifully. When the basic piece comes together, he will add the carved details; he's a master at Tramp Art and  many of his finished pieces are richly punctuated with twig and branch motifs.

Anne will add the painted details...

But she also crafts amazing pieces herself.


Anne and Todd Winkler


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