ZoooooomSational - in Santa Fe

If you believe that chrome and leather are the basic building blocks of life, and that the only real artery is made of asphalt, then jump on a Yamaha and experience the pleasure of cruising the endless black ribbon.
                                                                                                 2000 Yamaha Road Star

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward
Unfortunately, the extraordinarily beautiful, fully-customized 2000 Yamaha Road Star that I spotted parked along Canyon Road, isn't  mine. It belongs to Sculptor, Jack Slentz - he shows at Box Gallery and teaches sculpture at SFCC - so all I could do was delight in it visually. I snapped away and then left my Chasing card on the seat. Jack was curious and called,  so that's how I discovered the wizard who put his custom touch
 on this sculpture on wheels.



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