Santa Fe Indian Market - Parasols on the Plaza


Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Indeed, who would expect white-wigged maidens holding playful parasols - dressed in glorious designer frocks - to sashay out of La Fonda on the Plaza and wend their way through Indian Market? Well, Native American designer PATRICIA MICHAELS of Taos Pueblo, loves to delight and surprise, and she used the streets of Santa Fe as her runway to showcase her latest collection of contemporary fashions.
The Indian Market crowd was enchanted.

The wigs were amazing - sleek, braided, sassy...

And the fashions were exquisitely detailed and lavish.

The parasols like grand and exotic butterflies...

This year, this edgy, sophisticated designer made history by being the first Native designer to show her work at New York Fashion Week.

"Every garment that I make, the fabric and the cut, takes you to a special place. Native people can give back to the rest of the world by sharing their stories. I take the creative liberty to express my vision through my garments so you can feel the stories on your skin."



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