The peerless Santa Fe sky -

"Excuse me while I kiss the sky."
   Jimi Hendrix

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

And what a kiss that would be, Mr. Hendrix. 
For indeed, each day Santa Fe is blessed with
 billowing pillows of clouds in an impossibly blue sky.

I've always lived on or near the water and when I moved to Santa Fe a friend asked me if I'd miss the ocean.  "The sky will be my ocean," I quipped. And it is.

Santa Fe is such a special, special place and if you have never been here, you
should think about the error of your ways. It's a candy box - there's always
 something new to see and to discover.

Wonderful, walkable neighborhoods...

World-class food & restaurants...

Artistic expression and shopping nirvana...

And vistas....


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