Santa Fe Weaving Gallery - Contemporary "Tattoos" in Cloth

Photos by C. Whitney-Ward

Jill Heppenheimer, owner of Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, is a visionary. For the past 19 years, Jill and her buisness partner, Barbara Lanning,  have championed and showcased  talented fibre/textile artists and created a gallery/shop/place where women can find extraordinary wearable art. It's a treat just to walk by the gallery window. There is always something enticing to see.

And when you step inside, your senses soar.

And this week through June 27th you will be in for a treat. Jill posed a challenge to 14 artists who were invited to explore "tattoos" - marks of life -  in cloth for a group show.

Some took a personal approach, others a more cerebral...but all are provocative and beautiful...

Santa Fe fibre artist Maggy Pavlou, a native of Austria, felted a coat called " Get Under My Skin"  that tells her story of being a first generation immigrant to America.

"All the words are backward on the coat. That's how I felt when I'd see English words but couldn't understand what they meant."

California textile artist  Holly Badgley created a hanging when she had an epiphany in the bathtub. "When the bubbles diminished there was a swirling motion and I realized that this was a natural force that defines the universe."  And the indigo fabric pieces that she used personified the indigo ink of tattoos.

Here are more "Tattoos" in cloth from the show...which is a must see.

Image Transfer - Doshi

Gathering Stitches - Carol Lee Shanks

Water Sky - Joyce Wilkerson

Mubuti Design - Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Quest Cape - Diane Prekup

Grid Tattoo Bracelet - Cynthia Wayne

Snake Jacket - Rose Fernandez

124 1/2 Galisteo
Santa Fe, NM

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